My partners at Simple help companies and consultants close the gap between strategy and execution, with AI.



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In addition to offering my own customized team workshops and implementation consulting, I'm thrilled to be part of the community of Simple AI Enablement Coaches.

Simple offers a range of options for companies and consultants looking to leverage AI technology to do things better, faster, & cheaper.

Built on the shoulders of the world's best business ideas and systems, Simple has developed AI-Powered training across a range of key business competencies, in areas such as...

  • Team Building
  • Motivation
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Negotiation
  • Change Management
  • Personnel Managent
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Revenue Growth
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • And many, many other areas 

Simple helps real business increase revenues & decrease costs

With their AI Blueprint, companies are seeing results on both sides of the profit equation - increasing revenues, and decreasing costs. 

One of Simple's clients was able to decrease their IT costs by $11 million, and decrease their time to market from 18 months to 3 months.

What makes Simple different from other AI Enablement Options?

Just like me, the folks at Simple believe in first addressing the core foundational concepts of business growth... and using AI to amplify your path to success.

While everybody else in the AI space has been focusing on prompts and tools, Simple has been focusing on helping leaders generate actual business results with AI. Like increasing revenue, and decreasing costs.


To waive the $999 Briefing fee, tell them you were invited by David Baer

To waive the $999 Briefing fee, tell them you were invited by David Baer

Simple's programs are available for individuals interested in personally harnessing the power of AI in business, coaches and consultants who wish to license the Simple materials and training systems, as well as organizations interested in using the programs for in-house use.

And because you found Simple through me, you can access their BluePrint AI Briefing, free of charge (regularly $999).

During this exclusive session, the folks at Simple will show you how AI will impact your specific business, in your specific industry, and you’ll leave the briefing with a very clear picture of exactly what to do next.